Research, Invest, Evaluate

It is necessary to use both media planning and media buying together and in an adequate way. There are many companies that will jump straight to media buying without the planning. This unfortunately will lead to a lot of monetary investment with little to no results.

However, when media planning is present but there has been no media buying, the campaign hasn’t been given the chance most, if not all its competition has had. Therefore it wouldn’t be wise to expect top campaign results.

If you are looking for help with media planning and buying, we are here to help. We believe great media planning and clever media buying is the key to any successful campaign. We have both the knowledge and industry understanding to create a memorable campaign for your business.  Contact us today

Media Planning

Media planning is setting the foundation for media buying. It involves setting the basic targets for the advertising campaigns and what different media should be used to help effectively spread the campaign’s message. A review of the of current industry trends and an evaluation of current media use will help create a starting point from which to set up the campaign.

An analysis of the business’ needs, the competitive position the business holds within the industry and the marketing aims and goals will be completed. From this analysis we can decipher the best way to effectively use the advertising budget.

Media Buying

Media buying is the step following on from media planning. It is an important part of marketing where media space and time slots are purchased. During these time slots your campaign will be shown in the purchased media space. Media space include, but are certainly not limited to: newspapers, television ads and online banners. Time slots are important to get the optimum return on investment. You need your ad campaign to be seen by your target audience, therefore the times they will be on a particular website that your campaign’s banner is featured on are crucial.

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