Brand Awareness & Interaction

Looking to get your brand to physically interact with your target market? SWC Marketing Agency carry out experiential and brand activation campaigns for clients. Our team of creatives develop innovative concepts that will breath life into your brand and excitement into your audience. Maximizing brand engagement is what we strive for. Experiential projects have seen us generate content, capture data and build brand awareness.

It is important that any offline events are captured and amplified. A popular way of doing this is through social media. This is where our expertise and knowledge of social media marketing comes in. To get the most out of any event it is important that your audience knows about it. Social Media Marketing is a tool that not only allows a lot of insight into your audience but also gives your business the ability to speak directly with them.

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Promotions and Brand Merchandise should be created and used with the main goal in mind. Brand merchandise is extremely important at brand activation events because your market becomes both subconsciously and consciously aware of your brand and what it looks like. Reinforcement of your brand will occur when your audience takes home this merchandise after the event is over.

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Make A Lasting Impression On Your Market

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