Personality, Voice, Defining Qualities

Your brand is the experience your customers and prospects have with your business or product. Your Brand Strategy is the defining qualities that make your brand your brand. It should define who you are as a business, and the personality your business possesses. Your brand lives in the day-to-day interactions with your market.

These interactions can include:

Imagery & Content

Website, Proposals & Campaigns

Employee Interaction With Customers

Thought needs to go into the imagery created, the messages produced and the face-to-face interactions that happen on a daily basis. The name, logo, colour palette and perhaps a slogan are all creative elements within your brand strategy, but it’s the daily interactions that will carry your brand and bring it to life, separating you from the competition.


If your business is lacking a brand strategy get in contact! SWC Marketing Agency can help you discover the voice you know your business has but still needs to communicate. We are experienced in helping companies build a rock solid branding strategy that defines who they are and where they stand within the market.

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